Abstract portrait of my dad, first one i did a whole ago for uni folio.


My group’s Virtual Exhibition

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So, this is a custom tattoo design I drew up last week for a good mate, he’s planning to get inked up soon. It was my first attempt at a half demon, half person like design, pleased with the outcome. If anyone wants a custom design, email me for commissions at d.vavala@hotmail.com or go to facebook.com/DomsDrawings. Peace
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This is chester singer of LP, i like his tatts so i wanted to draw them. It’s taken a couple of hours so far, its looking ok but still a lot to do!


These are some of my instruments. As some of you may know already i am a drummer and guitarist too. The right guitar i painted and built myself with a bit of guidence here and there, the other two i bought off my dad and the electronic drums i bought 2 years ago. I have hours of fun with these, learning my favourite songs from favourite bands, it is the best feeling. Music is my escape other than drawing, it keeps me sane and happy. Like most musicians, im eager to write my own songs and make it big in the buisness. Being able to play music with feeling is what makes a a great and successful musician. You gotta make an emotional connection when playing, its really a much better outlet of expression.


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That painting in the back was a collaborative piece done by me (right) and my cousin for our grandma, years ago before she got sick. We sorta went a bit crazy with it, kinda looks like a fire ball/ twister/cyclone type of thing, and we made it around the time when cyclone yasi hit Queensland, so that’s why the painting reminds me of a twister. Anyway, it was a lot of fun to make with my cuz, was my first painting i did ever (first time using canvas too). ill try and upload a proper, full picture of it soon 🙂

This is my first full coloured portrait drawing ever, im quite pleased with the end result, it took me about 5-6 hours. It was the first time using my newly aquired fabercastel polychromo pencils too


hi all! here’s a little something I put together just now. It’s a new cover photo for my facebook page, Photoshop really came in handy while making this of course, I couldn’t have made it without it. Check out my work on facebook, like the page, follow my tweets or my instagram, your choice! 🙂